Framed Art Card - Home (9" x 12")

Artist: Andy Everson

I don’t know about you, but when a major celestial event like a “Blood Moon” occurs, I try to get away from the comfort of the living room couch in order to go outside and feel like I’m a part of it. Sometimes I merely walk out onto the deck to gaze into the night sky. Other times still, I get into into the car and head down to the beach. Just like my ancestors, I gaze up into the heavens in order to witness the awe of nature. It does something: it makes me aware of my place. It makes me realize simultaneously just how significant and insignificant I really am.

Looking out into the vastness of space, forces one to look at the universe within—to behold the rich mystery that lies inside each and every one of us. We’re enticed to think about the parts unknown: both the visible and the invisible. Like solar systems within galaxies, the synapses of our brains branch out forming connections. We form memories…memories of people we’ve met and places we’ve been. It is these memories that make up a life worth living.

Acutely aware of the environment around them, my ancestors took stock of their surroundings: celestial events were a way for greater beings and ancestors to communicate with them. Upon looking at the blood moon, they saw transformation and change. We pause at these rare moments and reflect: upon ourselves and upon our place in the universe.

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