Framed Art Card - Sunset Summit (9" x 12")

Artist: Andy Everson

At the end of a long day’s work, most of us like to sit down on a deck or in a favourite chair and relax. This is a time when we can let go of the burdens of a job and enjoy life. Thoughts wander off as we try not to mull over the day's events. At these times we can reflect on the joys of life, not the pains. Oftentimes, our partners or friends will come out to ask us how our days went. Truthfully, they don’t want to know about our jobs, they simply want to discover how we are doing. It is this sign of caring––these “sunset summits”––that help make life enjoyable.

The other day, I was returning from dancing on Sonora Island and saw this magnificent tree towering above the forest. It was so huge, that it made all the other trees surrounding it tiny in comparison. Nestled on a branch was an eagle’s nest. As the sun was going down, I imagined the eagle and the other birds weren’t that different from us....

In my mind, ravens often visit eagles at the end of the day. They caw out their recollection of the day’s events while the eagles sit and listen. Behind them the sun descends into the horizon, releasing bands of purple, orange and gold into the sky. The eagles and ravens relax on aged spires surrounded by nature’s magnificence and have a sunset summit.

My family carries both of these crests. My grandmother’s father’s crest was the eagle from Fort Rupert. We have the raven as a crest from her Great-grandmother, who was Tlingit. For my Northern brothers and sisters, where marrying the opposite clan is the rule, sunset summits between eagles and ravens are nightly occurrences....

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