Westerly Wind Mask

Artist: Tom Paul

The westerly wind blew for many days. It blew so hard it began to destroy the forests, the land, our homelands and everything in it. Something had to be done and very quickly. It was blowing very hard and steadily way off the inlet. The great flyers, all the big birds, eagles, crane, and raven, owl, geese, and even the small birds. Everyone flew into the wind head on with no success, the wind was to strong. Raven with his arrogance, tried three times with no success, but of course according to him, he just about made it. It was seagull to go last. After watching all the other birds, he decided to fly along the shoreline along the beach. He had his spear which he was going to throw and plug the blowing westerly wind. He went low and ready to throw when he was close enough. He was successful and plugged the blowing wind; he had saved our homeland and is a hero in our eyes.  

This stunning mask is hand carved from cedar and hand painted by Northwest Coast First Nations artist Tom Paul. 

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