Smudging - First Nation Spirit

Artist: Earth Eagle

Purifies people, places and events.
Promotes peace, relaxation and harmony in oneself and around oneself.
Immediate effect.

The spirit of the plants represented by essential oils and plant extracts 100% pure and natural cedar, sage, sweetgrass, cedar, white pine, balsam fir and sandalwood is expertly united with alcohol organic corn to create a form of Indian incense fragrance. Easy to use, it purifies people, places, and events. NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRIT promotes peace, relaxation and harmony around you. Its effect is immediate. A few drops and you feel the nature soak up its beneficial energy. Instructions inside.

Directions: To purify the scene, put a few drops (according to the need and size of the room) all over the place where one lives. Start with the East, South, West and finish with the North. You can use Native American spirit to the office to facilitate concentration on the pillow to aid sleep before meditation to relax and several other uses more diverse than each other. 

Measurements: 10ml

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