Recycled Fleece Tunic - Burgundy

Artist: Ay Lelum The Good House of Design

New Recycled Fleece Tunic has a Supernatural Eagle, Killer whale and Serpent design by Snuneymuxw First Nation artist Joel Good. 

This cozy and soft tunic buttons at both shoulders, has side pockets and is perfect for Fall layering.

Burgundy in sizes M, L, XL, and XXL, while quantities last! This is one of Ay Lelum The Good House of Designs most popular Fall/Winter items!

Photo Credit: Helena Lines

Yuxwule’ Sul'sul'tun~ Eagle Spindle Whorl Collection  

According to the teachings of our Father William Good, when the world was in darkness, the Creator answered the peoples’ prayers and sent the Supernatural Eagle to bring the sunlight to the people. This dynamic Fall Winter 2020 collection chronicles this journey as the Supernatural Eagle travels the galaxy and brings the sunlight to the world, ultimately bringing us hope. The Supernatural Eagle also carries Killer whale and Serpent designs by our Father William Good and Brother Joel Good in the collection, both being Supernatural water figures that bring us power and strength. These family stories are carved on Spindle Whorls, tools traditionally used by women to spin and weave sacred Coast Salish wool that is woven into textiles, and these designs are featured in the garments with a blend of modern techniques and traditional art. As we spin through the whorls of time, we are weaving stories of creation, history, and information. This collection celebrates women spinning and weaving in time and the symbols bring hope in a time of darkness in a collection designed as wearable, sharable art for all people to enjoy.                                               

 © Ay Lelum/W. Good-Protected by Hul'q'umi'num Law   

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