Large Journal - Spring Finale

Artist: Andy Everson

144 pages

Extra thick paper

Padded hard cover

Magnetic closure

A section sewn binding allowing for flat opening

Size: 7” x 5” / 17.7 x 12.3 cm

 A perfect place to write, draw, and express yourself.

A sure sign that spring is drawing to a close is the appearance of the Blue-eyed Darner. With the warming season, the Darner unfurls its wings and emerges in all its glory. Shimmering with its iridescent hues of blue and brown, it is easy to spot. Like other dragonflies, it zigzags through the air—often with a mate—looking like it is going to stop and then darting off in a blur of blue.

“Spring’s Finale” represents a brief moment in time in which the dragonfly has stopped from its regular activity to rest on a cattail in a swamp. It also represents the crescendo of beauty that is the end of spring. Colours vivid with life have lived on rain and are now rejoicing in the ever-warming sun. “Spring’s Finale” is but a moment in time that encourages you to reflect on the past and prepare for the future.

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