Print Unframed - Humpback Whale (18" x 11")

Artist: Connie Dickens

In the summer of 1998 we were salmon fishing a quarter mile below the Alaskan border. A baby Humpback whale began a spectacular show of jumps that continued for almost three hours. The agility of the little whale was showcased by the back flips as seen in the top photograph of the print. The middle photograph shows the little one sliding through the surface of the water, and in the bottom photograph the baby Humpback was spinning around sideways during the jump. Although not always visible, the Mother Whale`s protective instincts were very obvious. She would always surface continuously as we ejoyed the show. The Native designing around the photographs portray the Mother`s role of constant guardian, always keeping watch over the little one even though we were a safe distance away.

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