Headband - Whale

Artist: Roy Edwards

This thick wool Cowichan headband is sure to keep you cozy on those cold days. Perfect for people who enjoy adventuring in the great outdoors and someone who just wants to brave the weather downtown. Cowichan knits come from the Cowichan people of SouthEastern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They are very popular among BC people and tourists. For over a hundred years Cowichan women (and now men) have been knitting clothes and blankets for their families. Fleece from breeds of sheep such as Dorset, Hampshire and Suffolk provide the entirely natural colors used in authentic Cowichan products, from a creamy white, through brown, to black.


The artist Roy Edwards is originally from Kuper Island and is a member of the Coast Salish tribe. Roy and his family reside in Ladysmith, British Columbia where they continue their family venture of knitting genuine Cowichan products. They knit hats, booties, scarves, mittens and sweaters.        

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