Guacamole - Unframed 17x22

Artist: Andy Everson

There are a lot of different reasons why I create my artwork. Sometimes I want to relay a story--traditional or contemporary--and feel that creating a picture is the best way to do this. Other times, I want to portray a feeling or an imagined or specific landscape. Sometimes I want to show connections that I have to certain animals or cultural pursuits. Other times, though, I simply want to to draw. Pattern, shape, colour...I just want to create something. The intent of this series is simply to do that. These are experiments with traditional forms in very untraditional ways for untraditional reasons. I hope you enjoy....

Chop up some avocados, onions, chiles and cilantro. Throw in some lime juice, salt and tomatoes and voilà: Guacamole!

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