Framed Art Card - Protection (9" x 12")

Artist: Andy Everson

For the Kwakwaka'wakw, killer whales are seen as our relatives. In my family, the maxinux is the main crest from my grandfather. As long as we treat them with respect, they will respond in kind. We used to travel great distances by carved dugout canoe and would often be greeted by great plumes of misty air as the orcas would breach nearby. As one of the more powerful creatures in the sea, a killer whale could easily lift a canoe and all of its occupants to deposit them into the frigid ocean. They didn't. They would talk to us and we would talk back in mutual admiration and respect.

As with humans, orcas will most often live together in groups,they rely on each others' protection and companionship. Also similar to people, there is nothing stronger than the maternal bond between mother and calf. For two years, a calf will breast feed and bond with its mother. For 13 more years, it will mature while playing and exploring under its mother's watchful eye. It will feel a true sense of protection.

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