Framed Art Card - Guided Home (9" x 12")

Artist: Andy Everson

Very few things can compare to being out on the open water in a traditional dugout cedar canoe: the sound of the waves lapping at the bow...the smell of fresh salt-air...the feel of the wind calmly blowing across your face. Not only are you surrounded by some of the most beautiful vistas that Mother Nature has to offer, you are also joined by a crew of individuals working toward a common goal. There is a certain beauty when paddles enter the water in unison as the pullers come together as a team.

After a long journey, there is something to be said about returning home. For countless centuries, my ancestors have returned here to the Comox Valley. This is a place where beaches and valley pastures are crowned by Queneesh, the Comox glacier. For our people in the past, it acted as a beacon to guide us home. Even today when entering the Comox Valley, it is a memorable site and one that serves to guide us home time and time again.

Many people who come to the Comox Valley for the first time instantly fall in love with the place. For many, the site of eagles spiraling in the sky against an alpine backdrop is enough to know that they have been guided to a new home. 
In “Guided Home,” I wanted to emphasize the four sacred elements: fire, water, earth and air by showing the trees, the ocean, the mountains and the eagles. This is intended to ground and cleanse us as we begin pulling our “canoe” of partnership together.

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