Framed Art Card - Confessions to the Moon (9" x 12")

Artist: Andy Everson

In most areas of the Pacific Northwest, the Raven is regarded as a trickster. He plies his trade of fooling others wherever he goes. At first encounter, one may suspect that the raven is a side character, meant to throw a few laughs and chuckles into a story. On the contrary, our cultures feel the necessity of this comic relief and believe that it is integral to the balance of our way of life.

When I was envisioning “Confessions to the Moon,” I was thinking about the times in our lives when we sit out under a cloudless sky and look up to the moon. I don’t mean when we’re with another person, but the times when we are by ourselves confronted by the beauty and the depths of the universe. At these times, we are lost in thoughts about our lives. We think about the stories that shape our existence and about the secrets that we only share with celestial bodies.

I was also thinking about how we are often like the raven and about how his character is really a metaphor—even a caricature—of ourselves. There are parallels in the ways in which he uses trickery and wry humour as means to an end. As we sit out on a deck, or on the beach, and look up to the moon, we remember the funny stories, the outrageous gags and our inner thoughts that help give our lives meaning. We look up and share confessions to the moon.

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