Framed Art Card - Anticipation (12" x 9")

Artist: Andy Everson

If you’re not a coffee drinker, there is no convincing you that a cup of this elixir is one of life’s great pleasures. Granted, not every cup comes across this way. Sometimes, it’s just blackened brew that helps to give you that little nudge in the morning. Other times, it’s simply something to keep your hands and insides warm on a cold day. It’s the swill they sell out of drive-thru windows and the sledge left too long in the pot.

There are those magical moments, however, when all of your senses become engaged: The murmur of pressure building inside your espresso machine or the gurgle of the liquid filling the carafe.... The aroma that finds a way to traverse the house to your bed or leaves you salivating at the kitchen table.... The bold caramel colour of the crema that gathers at the top of the cup.... The warmth on your hands as you put the nectar to your lips.... It is the crescendo of all this anticipation that is realized when the rich velvety flavour coats your tongue, causing an involuntary “Ahhhh!”

Coffee can be a metaphor for some of life’s greatest pleasures. Like all of them, however, they are rarely ever experienced the same way twice. It truly is in the anticipation that past experience collides with the unknown. It is in the waiting, the listening, the smelling, the watching and the holding that pleasure unfolds. It is in the buildup, the journey and the anticipation that makes life so damn enjoyable.

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