Essential Oil - Eucalyptus Radiata (12ml)

Artist: True Essence


Latin Name: Eucalyptus radiata

Country: Australia

Method of Extraction: Steam distilled

Status: Organic

This species has about 70% of the oxide 1,8 cineole, plus monoterpenes and 3-4% aldehydes. It has a pleasing lemony fragrance and has a broad spectrum of action. It is anti-viral, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory. It is a good immunostimulant, making it excellent for those who are run down and subject to frequent colds. Choose this oil in cases such as: common cold and influenza hoarse, scratchy throat a runny or stuffy nose nasal congestion a slight dry cough swollen tonsils upper respiratory viral illness (chronic and acute). Eucalyptus radiata is a safe choice when treating children, especially combined with Eucalyptus smithii, or Eucalyptus globulus young leaves.

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