Blood Sport

"Set in the shady underbelly of Vancouver's Downtown east side, blood sports has been hailed for its daring, virtuosity, and power. The riveting story springs back and fourth in time, revealing the complex magnetism between two young men. there is Tom, who has been caught up over the years in his cousins Jeremy's world of drugs and crime, seeing things he shouldn't and falling deeper into Jeremy's debt. Jeremy, vindictive, controlling. either protects Tom or uses him, but always seems to be watching. then there is Paulie Tom's girlfriend, a former junkie, who has her own history with Jeremy and wants to put it all behind her, but the past is not easy to escape.

Suddenly, Tom, Paulie and their daughter, Melody find themselves pawns in a much larger game, with everything at stake. this is a electrifying story of flawed, all-too-human character living on society's margins, and the choices they must make when pushed to the edge. 280 pages

"a gripping page turner of a tale... Robinson imbues her novel with continual suspense, carnal voyeurism, and of course, hope."- Calgary Herald "One of the most intense and rewarding experiences in recent fiction." - Edmonton Journal

"Spellbinding, addictive, unstoppable."- Globe and Mail

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