Baby Blanket - Harvest

Artist: Douglas Horne

Super soft baby blanket features colorful Coast Salish designs and minky dots lining. The light fabric keeps little ones nice and warm and the fuzzy minky dots provide a fun-feel texture for curious baby hands.

Ideal for stroller, crib, car seat, play mat, or anywhere.

100% Polyester

Eagle is a symbol of peace and friendship, loyal animals full of lasting love and dedication.

The frog brings great wealth and is known for its adaptability, knowledge and power as frog travels and lives in two worlds, water and land.

Wolf is often seen as the protector. They always travel in packs and have strong family ties.

The bear is seen as power, strength and healing. Bear is also seen as thoughtful and strong willed.

Salmon is seen as the giver of life, salmon represents prosperity and new beginnings.

Measurements: 30" x 40"
Light yellow lining.

Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, do not bleach; tumble dry low; do not iron.

Sold out.

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