Adult Cowichan Knit Sweater - Frog

Artist: Dale Edwards

The Cowichan Tribes registered “Cowichan”, “Genuine Cowichan”, and “Genuine Cowichan Approved” as trademarks for goods that “have been hand-knit in one piece in accordance with the traditional tribal methods by members of the Coast Salish Nation using raw, unprocessed, undyed, hand-spun wool, also made and prepared in accordance with traditional tribal methods.”

Artist Dale Edwards is originally from Kuper Island and is a member of the Coast Salish tribe. Dale and his family reside in Ladysmith, British Columbia. Cowichan style knitted w are a unique creation of the Northwest Coast Salish Natives and are a family venture. Dale knit hats, booties, scarves, mittens and sweaters. Dale was taught by his grandmother and has been knitting for over 20 years.

The frog brings great wealth and is known for its adaptability, knowledge and power as frog travels and lives in two worlds, water and land.

Chest - 45-46" (not stretched)
Body - 30" Long (not stretched)
Arm - 34" (not stretched)

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