Cedar Medicine Pouch (White)

Artist: Tanisha Frank

Medicine pouches would carry herbs and/or medicine (sage, tobacco, cedar, sweetgrass to smudge and give back to Mother Earth) that the carrier would use to connect with the spiritual world, the Creator. The bag could also include personal possessions such as belongings of family members or special mementos.

You can put whatever you feel like putting in your pouch. It is your personal pouch.

This beautiful medicine pouch is hand woven by Sechelt/K'omoks/Klahoose First Nation weaver/artist Tanisha Frank. They are woven by red cedar. Cedar is widely valued for its healing abilities. This pouch is adorn with white sinew twined through it and a hand braided cedar necklace.

Pouch - 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"

Necklace - 32"

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