Framed Art Card - Winter's Approach 9" x 12"

Artist: Andy Everson

Most years you can hear them before you can see them: Honk! Honk! Honk! Its enough to drive many nuts. Their sight, like their sound, is also unmistakeable. Flying in “V” formation to save energy while flying, they appear with the coming of both spring and fall. Summer days may be in full swing, but when the Canada Goose flys overhead, it’s an instant reminder that Winter’s Approach has arrived.

The naxak, or Canada Goose, was traditionally eaten by my Comox and Kwakwaka’wakw ancestors. They would hunt for these birds at night with a small fire on board a canoe. The geese would stare into the light as the canoe approached, unaware of the hunters hidden onboard. When the moment was right, the hunters would throw a framed net over the geese, trapping them.

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