Framed Art Card - Majestic 9" X 12"

Artist: Andy Everson

The regal nature of the kingfisher lends itself to being called “Majestic.” It sits on its perch with a crown of feathers and waits for the appearance of fish in the water. Upon spying the fish, it flies up into the air only to hover before diving straight into the water. Kingfishers truly are remarkable birds that deserve such a royal title.

One of the only things more deserving of the title “Majestic” is the environment in which the kingfisher lives. In this print, the kingfisher looks out from the birthplace of my grandfather on Tree Island to the Coast Mountains across Georgia Strait.

The desire to create a kingfisher design was brought about both from dancing for two summers at the Kingfisher Resort near Royston and from a Kingfisher crashing into my window in Comox. This bird broke his wing and was brought to the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society in Merville. I felt it imperative to honour the life of this bird and the majesty of its environment with this print.

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