Privacy Screen - Raven's Call (4' x 2')

Artist: Noel Brown

Screens are composed of durable PVC with a wood-like textured finish, designed and tested to last in all climate conditions. Screens come in vibrant black-coloured finish to compliment the colour pallet of nature.

Ravens are creatures whose curiosity often gets the best of them. Raven is responsible for putting the sun, moon and stars into the sky. Also symbols of prestige and knowledge.

This piece symbolizes the well known tale of how the Raven stole the sun and placed it in the sky as an offering to the world.

The sun is provider of healing, energy and life.  Put into the sky by raven, the rays are means of travel between earth and sky.

Installation Ready
Water Resistant

Measurements: 4' x 2' x .4"
Weight: 10lbs

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