Moon Communicator Mask

Artist: Mervyn Child

Kwakwakaw 'wakw, Tlingit, and Nuu- chah-nulth First Nation artist Mervyn Child hand carved and hand painted this amazing cedar mask. This mask features a few different figures, the Human at the top, Kingfisher on the right, main communicator Frog on the bottom and Raven transforming in the middle as the Moon face.

The Moon is a protector and guardian of the people. Moon spirit watches over us and can change the way we feel.

Kingfisher is generally viewed positively, as a messenger and sign of good luck to come. Kingfisher is also a symbol for success and prosperity.

The Frog brings great wealth and is known for its adaptability, knowledge and power as frog travels and lives in two worlds, water and land.

Raven is a creature who created the sun, moon and the stars. Raven symbolizes prestige and knowledge.

Measurements: 24" x 27" x 7"

Shipping Charges not set in stone for larger pieces, as we do have to charge accordingly for insurance purposes. We will contact you for additional charge for insurance. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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