Mask - Crooked Beak Dancer

Artist: Sandy Johnson

The Crooked Beak Mask Dancer was hand carved and hand painted by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Sandy Johnson. 

The Crooked Beak mask, or Galugadza'yi (Galuxwadzuwus), is part of a set of masks used in the dance of the Hamat'sa. The other three masks are called Huxhugwaxtawe (the Splitter of Skulls), Gwaxwgwakwalanuksiwe (Plucker of Eyes), and  Hamasiwe’ (Eater of Foreheads). This set of masks is used in one of the dances of the Hamat’sa (Cannibal Dance). Galugadza'yi is known as the “greater” Crooked Beak of Heaven, and works together with Hamasiwe’, who is also known as the Smallest of Servants. The four birds are cannibal birds; they guard the four corners of the world and are servants of the cannibal of the north end of the world, Baxwbakwalanuksiwe.


7" L x 5" W x 11.5" H

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