Book - Yo! Wiksas? Hi! How are you?

Artist: Rande Cook and Linda Rogers

Yo! Wiksas? Hi! How Are You?: An Illustrated Conversation with the Invisible Girl Siri who sits in for the Creator on the big questions. This is a playful look at empathy and connection, the ethical infrastructure kids want and need. It began with a series of paintings Rande Cook made for his younger kids, Ethan and Isla, and evolved into a book for all kinds of young people making sense of a confusing world and their responsibilities as protectors of one another, all their relations, and the Earth itself. It does not preach but the kids are learning how to teach by example. 

Paperback – Illustrated

Publisher - Exile Editions 

By Rande Cook (Author), 

Linda Rogers (Author) "Gaga ga'gas of four, Canadian People's Poet and past Poet Laureate of Victoria and writer of lots of stories and poems is a bigly believer in kid's (w)rights"

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