Framed Art Card - Together (12" x 9")

Artist: Andy Everson

We enter this life one at a time and are born into the world demanding and needing love. For those of us fortunate enough to have loving families, it is provided for us by our parents, grandparents, siblings and other relatives. As we grow, this love is enough to nurture us physically, mentally and spiritually. We grow in love together.

As we mature into teenagers, though, we feel the need to venture forth into the world to find another kind of love. We seek someone with magical powers that is able to make our knees tremble and give us butterflies in the pits of our stomachs. The sound of their voice, the tilt of their head, the smell of their hair and the touch of their skin are all enough to intoxicate our very being. What an amazing feeling when we fall in love together.

Sadly, the intensity of those feelings become muted with time as love changes and evolves. Instead, the excitement of our youth is supplanted with a warm glow of deep love. We grow together and learn to know each others’ thoughts. We laugh, cry, celebrate, mourn and travel together. The comfort and safety of our love allows us to create and nurture our own families together.

Though we enter this world one at a time, we don’t have to journey through it alone. For those of us fortunate enough to live a life full of love––in all of it’s forms––we can count ourselves truly blessed. We can hold our partner––whether they be girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or lover––and enjoy life’s greatest gift: love... together.

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