Framed Art Card - Greeting the Day (12" x 9")

Artist: Andy Everson

Sometimes I struggle to get out of bed and wearily wipe the sleep from my eyes. I open the door to let the dog out and am drawn into a miraculous sight: the sunlight radiates up from the horizon and transforms the dark sky into the dazzling hues of the Creator. You can turn away and look back an instant later and the sky will appear different once again. It is a fleeting moment--a chance to be thankful for the day.

Greeting the day is such a personal thing. It can be brought forth through song or through prayer. It can be the morning cup of coffee on the patio as the sun’s warmth shines upon your face. It can be a bath in a cold stream or an amazed glance through a high-rise window. In this day and age, we often forget that each day is a blessing. No matter what your beliefs are, the rising of the sun signifies the continuance of life. We should all be thankful to see the sun once more and for the chance to breathe in the air around us. Since time began, all of our ancestors have greeted the day.

I release “Greeting the Day” knowing that this is my 100th limited edition print. I started creating prints over 13 years ago and have put a lot of myself into each piece. I greet this new day thankful to all of you who have supported me over the years. I raise my drum up to sing a song of thanks for this day and for all the days to come.

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