Framed Art Card - Flight (9" x 12")

Artist: Andy Everson

In the spring of 2004 I got tired of sitting around and decided to reintroduce myself to one of my old passions: cycling. At the time, barely able to ride around the block, I persevered by riding every morning, rain or shine. By the end of the year I had accumulated 3,500 kms. Through more training, I was able to actually place in or win local races and tallied up around 8,000 kms on the bike in 2005. The landscape in the print is one of the areas I ride along virtually every day. It looks out from Pt. Holmes—a traditional Comox lookout area—south to Hornby and Denman Islands. Cycling is truly one of the ways that I, in my small way, am able to take “Flight.”

When my sister Charlene was recently diagnosed with cancer, our family—like many others—was shocked. Although we were there to support her, ultimately she was the one who had to step up and bear the brunt of the pain and the bitterness that being diagnosed with cancer entails. She was the one who had to undergo chemo. She was the one who had to be bald. She was the one that had to fight! She kicked cancer right in the teeth and is now cancer-free and vacationing in Thailand. She is living life and has taken “Flight.”

This print is dedicated to all of those that strive for change, transformation and metamorphosis. It is for those that are “forced” to see the sun rise in order to get their training in. It is for those that fight and kick and scream when diagnosed with illness. It is for those that live life with purpose and passion. It is for those that have won their battle with cancer and it is for those that have lost. They have all taken “Flight.”

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